Mare 2.0

"Mare 2.0" is a photographic competition launched in 2009 by the Association "Città 2.0" to make People of Palermo aware about the beauty and the degradation of the coast of the town. The competition included two categories: "Beauties" and "degradation".

photos have been taken in April 2009, the first one at the natural reserve of CapoGallo where you are immersed in a flowering of wild daisies and the second one at the mouth of the river Oreto( the Palermo river) where you can see two forms of malpractice: the monolithic buildings on the sea and the abandonment of wastes on the coast, in any case the sea and thecoast of the Gulf of Palermo make it fascinating portrait.

The photographs were selected for the exhibition held May 23, 2009 on the anniversary of thedeath of Giovanni Falcone and were classified respectively at the 6th and 7th place in the "landscape" and "degradation" categories.

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